onsdag 1. desember 2010

If it's Ireland you're calling, the country is not available at the moment, please try again when the snow has cleared!

Growing up in Scandinavia one learns a thing or two. One of them is to deal with snow. Last winter I can distinctly remember being hip deep in snow. I mean it was hard to walk AT ALL. And those of you who know me, I am a big BAD ASS with the snowplough. 24 winters spent in Norway and I NEVER had a snowday. I think once the school had to be shut down because the temperature in the classroom was ridiculously low, but never an actual snowday.

 Anyway. It started snowing here on Friday, and no one actually ploughed it, and it kept snowing throughout the weekend. Monday and Tuesday past, and here we are at Wednesday, and I know what you’re thinking “really it’s snowing non-stop?” no it isn’t there are intervals of it, “wow with that many days of snow it has to be seriously deep, right?” no it isn’t even two inches deep.  Now you ask “what the hell is the big deal?” I will tell you. Apparently 2 inched of snow is a VERY big deal. It’s enough for busses to stop running, it’s enough to make shops keep closed because the shop managers can’t get in, and it’s enough to shut down the college. Granted my college is only closed till noon tomorrow, but still. And I know it sounds somewhat pretentious. I mean here I am, all used to ploughed streets and the fact that no amount of snow can shut down the schools in Norway, but for me this is ASTONASHING!!!!

Apparently Ireland has never really had snow in November. They don’t have winter tires (that  come on in October 15th in Norway btw) no chains on the busses, and 2 inches of snow make the airport shut down. But hey I get a snowday for the first time in my life. I’m actually not complaining. Just sharing :P

tirsdag 2. november 2010

MADtv's Stuart

I had forgotten about Stuart!!
But here is a reminder for EVERYONE!!

onsdag 27. oktober 2010

“If we don’t make it, you can’t tell anyone about this!"

 It starts with a text from a very "desperate" (unnamed) friend who really wants to get the newest product from Apple. And there is no way of getting it in the city of Dublin. The text (now infamous) reads "Want to go for an adventure? To Belfast in one hour?" Now seeing as how I've moved out and am my own master I thought "Sounds like fun. I've never seen Belfast, how bad could it be?" 
 Turns out the adventure would mean an 18 pm, 3 hour bus ride to Belfast (cuz we missed the express bus) and it wouldn’t be too bad, my friend is good company, but the main reason for him going to Belfast was to acquire the new Apple macbook Air (yes he is crazy) and the Apple store in Belfast (which was the only place left in Ireland to have it in) closes at 21pm. Now if you need help with your math, that would give us 0 minutes to get from Europa bus station(Belfast) to Victoria Square a distance of 800m (my friend has one of those fancy phones that tell you these things)
We spent 3 hour on an overheated bus to Belfast, not knowing if we were going to make it. I made fun of my friend as he switched from looking at his fancy phone, his watch, cursing out the bus driver and apologizing to me for asking me to come on this bum ride. The whole way up he goes “If we don’t get the computer, you can’t tell anyone about this!” We eventually made it to Belfast around 21.10 pm, and my friend was still optimistic. He made me run around (almost) the whole city looking for Victoria Square. The 800m walk took us 20 min, because his fancy phone was lying to him. And by the time we got to the Apple Store the clock was showing .21:30 pm. now you would think my friend would give up by now, I mean we got there 30 mins after closing time right? WRONG, there were still people inside, he knocked on the fancy glass door and asked one of the 4 guys inside if there was any way he could just swipe his card, and just buy the Macbook air, without any complications. The guy was nice, he asked the manager, who let us know it was ok. My friend told them which one he wanted “13” with 128G flash drive” the guy who opened the door sent one of his co-workers to get it and after the longest 3 mins in my friends life he came back and said “We’re sold out” the 4 guys in the apple store turned to look at us, I turned to look at my friend as a “OH NO!” sigh left my lips. My friend's face completely bewildered for a split second, as he realized that we had spent 3 hours on a bus, running around Belfast for 20 mins only to get to the Apple Store to find out that they were sold out!! And then the 4 guys started laughing.... It was just a joke.  My friends heart started up again and he says “Oh I love that British humor!” The room went VERY quiet and four heads turned up to look at him (and me) and in unison they say “WE’RE IRISH!!” I swear to GOD I thought “there goes his chance of getting the Macbook Air tonight” however he apologized and he paid, and we left the store, him happy as a child on Christmas morning!

Now I know what you’re thinking, why did you go in the first place, well cuz I wanted to have an “adventure”!! That’s why!!! :p And he got the computer so I’m TELLING EVERYBODY!!!

First Bill

I payed my first bill today!!! Like actual bill, am not counting the rent!
Upc is providing my internet so i only saw it fit to actually pay them for their services!!
Welcome to grow-up life :D

lørdag 16. oktober 2010

First Post

Ok, so the assignment for this particular class on the journalism course is to make a blog and regularly update it. I've always wanted to write a blog, but never really had anything to say, besides who would listen to me. I never even had a topic or reason for making/writing one. But since this is for class, I'm gonna give it a go.

So im gonna write a blog, and you will have the pleasure of following me :P sucks to be you right ;)

Alright so i moved to Dublin 4 weeks ago. Am enjoying it so far. Living on my own isn't all its cracked up to be. I mean I have to make my own food(which sometimes could be deadly) I have to clean (which isn't so bad, I used to do(some) of the cleaning at home so I know how to) but then there is the paying of the rent, and the electricity bill, having to deal with the landlord and the neighbours that wont stop fighting. like physically fighting. saturday nights seem to be fight night. i swear they are throwing punches and screaming at eachother, as i lay in my bed hugging the covers tight because I'm so scared they are just gonna come through the ceiling. And that ladies, gentleman, tramps and pimps, is what living on your own feels like. Like the ceilig is gonna crush you, cuz you have crazy loud neighbours. Or maybe it's just how I feel like it is......