onsdag 1. desember 2010

If it's Ireland you're calling, the country is not available at the moment, please try again when the snow has cleared!

Growing up in Scandinavia one learns a thing or two. One of them is to deal with snow. Last winter I can distinctly remember being hip deep in snow. I mean it was hard to walk AT ALL. And those of you who know me, I am a big BAD ASS with the snowplough. 24 winters spent in Norway and I NEVER had a snowday. I think once the school had to be shut down because the temperature in the classroom was ridiculously low, but never an actual snowday.

 Anyway. It started snowing here on Friday, and no one actually ploughed it, and it kept snowing throughout the weekend. Monday and Tuesday past, and here we are at Wednesday, and I know what you’re thinking “really it’s snowing non-stop?” no it isn’t there are intervals of it, “wow with that many days of snow it has to be seriously deep, right?” no it isn’t even two inches deep.  Now you ask “what the hell is the big deal?” I will tell you. Apparently 2 inched of snow is a VERY big deal. It’s enough for busses to stop running, it’s enough to make shops keep closed because the shop managers can’t get in, and it’s enough to shut down the college. Granted my college is only closed till noon tomorrow, but still. And I know it sounds somewhat pretentious. I mean here I am, all used to ploughed streets and the fact that no amount of snow can shut down the schools in Norway, but for me this is ASTONASHING!!!!

Apparently Ireland has never really had snow in November. They don’t have winter tires (that  come on in October 15th in Norway btw) no chains on the busses, and 2 inches of snow make the airport shut down. But hey I get a snowday for the first time in my life. I’m actually not complaining. Just sharing :P

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