torsdag 10. mars 2011

Showing School Spirit!!

On Wednesday march 2nd, the DBS men basketball team played the team from Cork Institute of Technology at the Irish Colleges Basketball League division 2 all-Ireland finals at the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght. It would be easy to give you a play by play of what happened during the game, who played, who’s defense was stronger and who had a better offence or who made the winning shot or whether or not the game was decided on the buzzer. 

It would be easy for those who were actually present.
The road down to Tallaght is long, and getting to the national basketball arena is no easy feat, even by public transportation, which is why DBS College arranged for a bus to leave from the Aungier street building. For those students who actually made the bus, it left at 100 a.m. for those who didn’t make it, rumor had it that the 65b bus was the one that would get you as near as you could get (from O’Connell street.
Because of a class trip scheduled at 1015 on the morning of the same Wednesday, a couple of students decided that to catch the game, they would make their own way down to Tallaght, after their excursion was over.

After enquiring with 5 different bus drivers, the common consensus was that the 65b truly was the bus to get down to Tallaght, the bus driver even went as far to say t hat he would let them know when to get off. The two students were, according to their own calculations, somewhat late. They got on the 65b around 1215(15 minutes after the game in Tallaght had already started) and spent the next 45-50 minutes riding through the suburbs of south Dublin wondering whether they would make the game or not.

When the bus approached the arena, the driver let the students know that their stop was near, and the students got off and began walking in the direction the driver had told them that the arena would be. The walk it turned out wasn’t an easy one, as it involved walking around large estates, and the “driveway” up to the Arena, in heels. They spent a very long time, what seemed like an eternity, only to show up at the back of the arena, which looked completely abandoned. Not losing faith, one of the suggested they try checking out the other side, and walk around the building.

There they saw, what can only be described as a sight for sore feet. The main entrance of the arena was packed with other students holding DBS supporter flags. The time was around half one and they could conclude that the there was a big chance that they might, just might have missed the game. They had already agreed that in ANY CASE they would not be walking back to the bus stop, but hitch a ride back on the Bus that the college had provided. After having confirmed that the match indeed was over and learned the outcome of the game, the two got on the bus and let their feet rest. Their getting on the bus may or may not have resulted in half the team having to take a taxi back. However the new reigning 2nd division champions looked like they would handle that just fine.

by Rushda Syed & Rob Kearney

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